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Internet speed test results

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  28.8k Modem 28  
  33.6k Modem 33  
  56k Modem 56  
  64k ISDN 64  
  128k ISDN 128  
  256k DSL 256  
  384k DSL 384  
  512k DSL 512  
  768k DSL 768  
  1.5Mb DSL/Cable 1500  
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Click Run Speed Test to test your internet download speed.
Works for any Internet connection which is 1500 kbps or below.

Average internet speed results

  Average test speed

The average internet speed is determined by the average of every internet speed test that was performed on this site.

Information about your Internet speed test results


How do you test how fast my Internet connection speed is?

The internet speed test downloads a predefined amount of data and measures how long it takes to complete the download. Then is calculates the KB/Sec and kbps from this measured time.

Why are the results slower than what my Internet plan states from my ISP?

Your Internet speed is normally slower due to Internet congestion. At different times of the day you will experience different Internet congestion. On a sunny day the network congestion is normally low compared to a rainy day where the network congestion is high.

Why do the results vary?

Your results can vary because of many factors such as network congestion or another programming running on you computer that are using your Internet connection.

What are kbps?

Kilo Bits Per Second (kbps) is the amount of 1000 bits that can travel across your Internet connection. In one Byte there are 8 bits. A bit is the smallest unit of data.



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